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Ocean Services

Exporting or importing in a global marketplace could not be possible without the use of ocean vessels carrying containers around the world. G2 understands that to complete your supply chain process, ocean container shipping must be provided to compliment rail and truck moves. Large items, bulk commodities and items that are not time sensitive can be shipped economically by sea.

Products are manufactured and sold on a global scale. This has allowed the world to be smaller by providing access to products from the most far-reaching points on the globe. G2 has formed partnerships with ocean cargo shippers, freight forwarders and other shipping agents to enable the execution of ocean freight movements.

A few examples of our experience with ocean services are:<

    • The arrangement of CY/CY (container yd - container yd)
    • Setting up the "on-carriage" (Port to Door. Freight often docks in a city different than it is received in)
    • Booking piggyback space for your LCL shipment (less than container load)
    • Ro-Ro services (Roll on - Roll off). For cars, boats and oversize. No crates used.

G2 has the know-how, the contacts and the experience for all your ocean transport needs.