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G2 City Express

G2 City Express, in connection with G2 Logistics, offers local service, specializing in the transport of palletized dry goods and food products anywhere within Winnipeg city limits.

  • Same-day pickups


  • Special service to meet carrier needs


  • Flexible pricing on hourly and by the pallet


  • Radio dispatch trucks


  • 4 hour hot shot service


For honest reliable service call G2 City Express

Value-Added Services

To experience the full benefit of using a Third Party Logistics provider, the customer must be willing to allow a provider to use any or all of the services in their control to reduce over all costs and to be more efficient.

Moving the raw materials to the plant or shipping the finished goods to the consumer is only a small part of what a logistics company can do for your supply chain management or entry in to a new market.

Our services are there to meet the growing needs of the customer, the shipper and the carrier. Some of the value added services and features that we provide are consulting, fleet management, carrier management and computerized order tracing and dispatch. We also have extensive experience with customs services, as listed below:

Customs Services

We provide a variety of assistance when it comes to international shipments, including the following:

  • Canada Bonded Carriers


  • US Bonded Carriers


  • T&E Bundling


  • In Transit Bonded Shipments


  • Bonded Clearance


  • Inbound Shipments


  • PARS Entry Systems


  • Excise Bonded Shipments


  • Clearance Documentation


  • Marine Insurance


Customs Brokerage

From walking you through your first export, to opening a new market or making sure your imports arrive on time and with no hidden fees.

We have the knowledge to make sure all the documents that have to accompany your commercial shipment are provided so that customs clearance goes smoothly for all parties involved.

Contact us to hear how we can add value to your supply chain.

*G2 Logistics is not a brokerage company, but does provide guidance and consultation in preparation of documents for first time/new market carriers.