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What is 3rd Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics originated when military forces recognized the need to manage and deploy large volumes of supplies and troops.

G2 Logistics has demonstrated the ability to provide a wide range of value added transportation services. G2 Logistics has a network of established relationships within the transportation industry, enabling them to match the customer's needs with the ideal carrier for individual loads.

There are many reasons for using third party logistics. Outsourcing allows a company to focus on its core competencies, which are not transportation.

  • Improve operations and customer service
  • Cut costs and avoid capital expenditures.
  • To reduce staff and improve efficiency.
  • Benefit from the addition of value added services

Cross Border Trucking, international shipping, truckload service and brokerage  - G2 Logistics - 3rd Party Full Service Logistics, international freight consolidation, and cross border shipping Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.G2 Logistics recognizes that as the economy slows and downsizing increases there are an increasing amount of workers with less support staff & more responsibility. As a Third Party Logistics Provider, G2 is able to enter as a traffic department for the customer. With our primary focus being transportation, we are more efficient and a better cost alternative to doing it in house.

The customer should have the right to determine the freight terms and shipping arrangements that are in their best interests. There is no such thing as free freight. Vendors often increase profits by building excess freight and handling charges into the delivery.

You may not be effectively leveraging your company's buying power to get the lowest freight rates possible.

The future of third party logistics - Firms will expand overseas at an increasing pace to manage freight movement on all points of the globe. As trade grows, multinational corporations will consolidate their international logistics operations. Only a few financially solid companies will continue to have the technology and creative edge to handle the most complex supply chain projects.

That's what it is! Read about our company here.