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Company Profile

The family-run business was originally started in the 1930's by Jonathon and Darryl's grandparents Joe and Bella Gershman. The early operation began by wholesaling and jobbing agricultural goods. In 1963, the company was incorporated in Winnipeg to distribute produce as Gershman Produce Co. Ltd. The wholesale business evolved with the acquisition of a small fleet of trucks and soon led the company into the long distance transportation industry

During the early 1970's the company began hauling mostly agricultural commodities throughout Canada and the Northern United States. Due to the demand at the time for Manitoba sugar throughout North America, and paper bags imported from the United States for bagging groceries, the company began to grow and add trucks. In the 1980's the trucking company started to move away from transporting agricultural goods and began hauling general commodities, mainly to service the large grocery chains that had set up head offices and distribution warehouses in Winnipeg for Western Canada. In 1989 a number of years after Jonathon and Darryl had begun working in the company Lewis Gershman their father decided to incorporate the company into Gershman Transport International ltd.

In 1995 Lewis Gershman was proud to have his two eldest sons Jonathon and Darryl enter the business as partners. The boys after spending many years in various capacities learning the business under the guidance of their father settled into Operations and Sales. Controlled completely by the Gershman family, the business that Lewis had so proudly built from his parents grew and prospered, moving from rented premises to its own terminal complete with warehousing and service bays.

Freight Consolidation, Truckload distribution Service,  International trucking and transportation - G2 Logistics - 3rd Party Full Service Logistics, international freight consolidation, and cross border shipping Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

In October of 1999 Gershman Transport International ltd. closed the doors, leaving behind 150 modern and up to date tractors fully equipped with the latest in technology and 300 trailers made up of dry vans, refrigerated and specialty trailers.

Established in the year 2000, G2 Logistics is a Third Party Logistics Provider and Freight Management Company. The company is owned and operated by Jonathan and Darryl Gershman, who have a combined 25 years of operational experience gained from running a major Canadian trucking company.

Jonathan and Darryl started G2 Logistics because of their belief that the customers' needs were not being met. Trucking companies are not always able to be at the right place at the right time and many trucking companies are being more selective of the areas to which they send their trucks. Therefore, as the customer's needs for service increases, the service being provided by the trucking companies is decreasing. At G2 Logistics we feel that we are successfully filling that void.

G2 Logistics' goal is to build relationships with its customers to help them cut costs and gain more service flexibility for all of their transportation needs, whether those needs are for one pallet of LTL or for multiple daily Full Truck Load shipments.